The Value of Tracking

Operating a golf course is a challenging business.  Courses are continually looking for ways to compete for golfers time and loyalty by providing a great golf experience, while balancing the need for operational and cost efficiency.  In the most recent Pace of Play survey conducted by the USGA, nearly 3/4 of golfers indicated that pace of play was a critical factor for an enjoyable round of golf.  By better understanding on-course activity though tracking, courses are able to address all sides of this equation.  

  • Delivering a better golf experience through more consistent pace of play

  • Increasing revenues by providing a more competitive offering 

  • Reducing costs through better operational insight and more efficient execution

 Improving Golfer Experience

  • Eliminating bottlenecks and improving pace of play consistency at your course, reduces golfer frustration and  increases enjoyment of play

  • Marshal interactions with slower groups can be factual, non-confrontational and more effective when they are equipped with the right data

Revenue Opportunities

  • Golfers that have a great experience at your course are more likely to return and to tell others, resulting in increased rounds

  • When golfers finish a round of golf faster, they have more time to spend socializing with their friends in the clubhouse after​ their round, resulting in increased F&B sales

  • Improvement in flow and pace of play can enable the addition of tee times during peak periods, resulting in increased rounds

Efficiency Opportunities

  • Marshals can see exactly where they need to be focusing their attention versus simply roaming the course

  • Course staff can see potential bottlenecks and respond before they become an issue that could normally tie up staff for hours

  • When staff vehicles are equipped with trackers, employees typically respond with increased attention and efficiency


  • Protect your equipment by knowing immediately if a tracker senses movement while the course is closed

  • Know if all trackers have cleared the course during an extreme weather condition

  • Have the ability to trace a cart's location history and understand the potential cause of vehicle and/or course damage

Find out how tracking can benefit your course