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Autumn Ridge Golf Logo

Autumn Ridge &
Cherry Hill

Roger Delagrange, Owner

Autumn Ridge & Cherry Hills Golf Club

Fort Wayne, Indiana

CartTrac GPS is a valuable tool for any public or private golf course! At our two courses, Autumn Ridge Golf Course and Cherry Hill Golf Course, we have found this system to be more effective than a ranger as we can spot the problems as they arise and fix them immediately.  We know exactly where the gaps are and can easily slide our members out to open holes or off the back to maximize our paid tee times. One of the best benefits though is that our pace of play has dramatically improved, especially on weekends.  During outings we are able to get a better idea of finish times for caterers and helps us determine when we will be able to open the course for tee times and members. We highly recommend CartTrac GPS!

Shepherds Hollow Golf Logo

Pine Trace &
Shepherd's Hollow

Chris Osentoski, PGA 

Head Golf Professional

We have two courses using the CartTrac GPS tracking software and love the product. It's very easy to use, reliable and affordable. The staff is great to work with and helpful whenever they are needed. CartTrac has certainly improved our business operationally and financially. I would highly recommend this product to anyone!

Westwood - Full Color-02.jpg

Westwood Golf Club

Matt Barycki
Director, Golf Operations
West Deptford, New Jersey

CartTrac eliminates any questions about pace of play which has become paramount with the influx of new golfers.  It makes approaching slow groups easy, as it shows real-time information on the progress of play.  Do your course a favor and get CartTrac.

Pound Ridge Golf Logo

Pound Ridge Golf Club

Todd Leavenworth, General Manager
Pound Ridge, New York
Rated #4 Top 10 New Courses by Golf Digest (2009)
Rated #1 U.S. Open-Worthy Public Course by Golf Magazine (2012)

Our experience with CartTrac has been highly satisfactory. We have looked at several systems over the last few years but always found them too large, garish and distracting from the golf experience. CartTrac's units are tastefully designed, letting our golfers keep their focus on their shots while still providing the information needed to help their game. From a managerial perspective, the system has greatly enhanced our ability to monitor and orchestrate client and staff movements around our course, allowing us to avoid bottlenecks, smooth out flow and increase efficiency. The company's responsiveness has also been outstanding.

Tiburon Golf Logo

Tiburon Golf Club

Bob Hill, Owner

Omaha, Nebraska

We have owned and used the CartTrac GPS system for nine years.  The CartTrac system is the best course management system that is out there.  It is totally reliable and has operated flawlessly over the years.  We will be using it going forward in our tenth year. 

Eagles Nest Golf Logo

Eagles Nest
Golf Club

Ryan Robinson, PGA of Canada
Director, Golf Operations
Maple, Ontario

We’ve been using the CartTrac GPS system since 2019 and have found it an invaluable asset to our Golf Operations.  We use the system on a daily basis to monitor the position of our entire cart fleet throughout the course and can often identify any pace of play issues before they get out of hand.   The historic tracing component of individual cart traffic from previous days’ play allows us to provide accurate information to guests should they dispute the length of time it took to complete their round of golf.   The reporting features from daily, monthly, and annual pace of play by hole or the entire course provides us great information on which holes pose potential pace of play issues.  Since acquiring the CartTrac system we have not had dedicated Pace of Play Coordinators (Marshalls) since we can monitor groups from the Golf Shop and/or mobile devices in real time. I highly recommend CartTrac to any golf course operator.

Hermitage Golf Logo

Golf Course

Mike Eller, Owner
Old Hickory, Tennessee
Rated #1 Public Course in Tenn. by Golf Digest and PGA
4 ½ Star Rating – Golf Digest’s Highest Award in Tennessee

What a pleasure it has been to have CartTrac for our 160 cart fleet.  The last seven years, it was very rare to have an issue and when we did, it was an immediate fix.  Your tracking was right on and it helped speed up play by 20 minutes allowing our marshals to spend more time building relationships with our customers.  Thanks to you and the CartTrac family.

Crandon Golf Logo

Crandon Golf Club

Tommy Chipman, P.G.A.
Head Professional/Club Manager
Crandon Golf at Key Biscayne
Rated by Golf Week as the #26 Top Municipal Golf Course in the U.S. (2012)

The CartTrac GPS unit allowed us to reach our goal of providing detailed, clear graphics for the golfer while not being obstructive of the view of the course, as our past units. The advertising capabilities provide a great tool for preloading tournament sponsor ads & pro shop sale advertisements. The CartTrac Proshop allows our staff to inform volunteers and guests of course issues- making the system an integral part of daily procedures.

CartTrac Logo
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