The CT-200 cart mounted GPS provides all the benefits of CartTrac's CT-50 tracking system, plus it also provides golfers with helpful hole graphics and accurate GPS yardage information. 

CartTrac GPS Unit

A high resolution 7" screen provides golfers with helpful 3D hole graphics and accurate GPS yardage information to key locations.

The CT-200 offers completely hands-free operation and requires absolutely no knowledge to use.  

Pace of play feedback is continuously displayed, so that golfers understand where they stand vs. the target pace for the course.

The CT-200 can be installed on any make or model of golf cart, new or existing. Units are mounted to the driver side of the cart and positioned to provide easy viewing for both golfers.

​CT-200 units receive free lifetime software updates & upgrades.


CartTrac Road Crossing

Geo-zones allow a course to define specific areas and take action when carts enter or exit them.

  • Cart paths

  • Areas around greens & tees

  • Environmentally sensitive areas

  • Parking lot, driving range

CartTrac Ads
CartTrac GPS on Cart

Golfers can be messaged while on the course in several ways.

  • Location specific messages can be displayed automatically for cart path only holes, road crossing, etc. 

  • Broadcast messages can be sent to selected groups of carts for weather alerts, shot gun start, etc.

  • Individual cart messages can be sent for pace of play, geo zone violations, etc.

CartTrac Geo Fence

Courses have the option to use a portion of the screen to display advertising, while still providing the yardage information that golfers are looking for. The course has complete control over the ad content and the opportunity for incremental revenue. 

  • ​Ads can be dedicated to specific holes or displayed on a rotating basis

  • Ad sets can easily be changed for tournaments

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